Stream Applications Anywhere

NzOS: Native Apps Streamed From The Cloud

Ubiquitous networking has enabled moving almost everything from user-devices to the cloud: music, video, storage and web apps to name a few.

Native apps including the browser are a major hold-out to this move, remaining locally installed and making user-devices expensive, difficult to develop for, prone to obsolescence and less secure. However, native apps are still the leader for user-experience and functionality.

Netzyn has created NzOS, high-performance server software that enables native apps to run in the cloud and stream to all types of intelligent and non-intelligent user-devices. NzOS delivers the best of both worlds, the advantages of native apps, along with the benefits of the cloud.

NzOS was created to be a universal platform, supporting many application environments: Android, Linux, Qt, HTML5, OpenGL and Windows. NzOS systems provide app vendors the ability to deploy at scale, supporting 10K's of servers and 10M's of app instances.

NzOS is based on Netzyn's streaming app protocol/architecture, Apps-To-Displays (A2D). Netzyn will open source A2D with the following goal: A2D is to streaming applications what HTTP is to the web.