Introducing OS/Native App Streaming

Netzyn Application Streaming Platform and Streaming-OS Architecture

Ubiquitous networking has enabled moving almost everything from user-devices to the cloud: music, video, storage and web apps to name a few. The OS and native apps (including the browser) are a major hold-out to this move, remaining locally installed and making user-devices expensive, difficult to develop for, prone to obsolescence and less secure.

Netzyn has created the Netzyn Application Streaming Platform (NzASP), software that enables the OS and native apps to run in the cloud and stream to all types of intelligent and non-intelligent user-devices. NzASP provides the best of the client-OS/native apps, the best of the server based web plus many unique features.

NzASP is a universal platform, supporting many OS and application environments: Android, Linux, Qt, HTML5, OpenGL and Windows. NzASP systems provide the ability to deploy at scale, supporting 10K's of servers and 10M's of app instances.

NzASP is based on Netzyn's Streaming-OS Architecture (SOSA). SOSA provides all the functions of the traditional client-OS architecture but distributes the functions across an OS server, app servers and user-devices. The OS and apps are streamed to user-devices which composite the apps together for display. SOSA goes beyond today’s single user-device client-OS and creates the first homogeneous multiple device OS.

NzASP and SOSA provide a simple-device, server based alternative to most of today’s smart-device based computing use cases, but more exciting is the ability to create new uses such as true cloud end-user computing, personal servers, IOT (where T is a display) and interactive TV/entertainment. Also as SOSA is based on app streaming, NzASP excels at enhancing today's app streaming uses such as VDI, virtual STB, gaming, phone-to-auto-dash, hybrid apps (part local, part streaming) and interactive ads.

NzASP: anywhere apps are placed in-front of users!