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Stream Any App

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Netzyn’s serverless computing platform delivers apps that traditionally are installed and run on devices

Power of Native Apps with the simplicity of the web!

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How It Works

Netzyn Streams Native Apps From Cloud Servers

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Why Choose Netzyn

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Universal Solution

Access to native app experiences should be fast and as easy as selecting a weblink, touching an icon on a display, or launching an Alexa Skill

At Netzyn, we run native apps from the cloud, enabling users to discover rich, new experiences at blazing fast speeds.

Netzyn enables Native App as a Service (NaaS) that streams native apps to any device, using any operating system

Distributed OS, App and Device Architecture

Netzyn delivers serverless computing capabilities to app developers and vendors

The Netzyn solution provides complete interoperability between OS, applications and devices and is defined by NZP, its underlying protocol

NZP does for Native Apps what http does for the web

NZ Cloud Platform

Distributed, Elastic, Scalable

Supports configurations ranging from an on-premise/edge server supporting a thousand users all the way to millions of users on 100Ks of servers across multiple data centers

NZ platform includes all needed orchestration and management functions and runs on various hosting environments, including x86, ARM, and bare-metal servers

Launch apps on-demand based on real-time resource availability and optimized performance and economics

Netzyn delivers true serverless computing capabilities to App developers and vendors

Most Flexible Client Side Solution

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Android in Cloud

Netzyn delivers Android in the Cloud on-demand and at scale

Fully virtualized and capable of running, games, video, and enterprise apps as examples

Browser in Cloud

Whether focused on high-performance use of Chrome or security based browser isolation, Netzyn delivers

Mini-Progams ++

Messaging as a platform is happening today.  Enable developers to deliver fully functional native apps. Take "WeChat-Style" mini programs to the next level

Apps for TV

Take over-the-top services beyond basic video offerings. Deliver

on-line games, interactive ads, widgets, and more. Provide new and better customer experiences while lowering hardware costs.

Native Apps as a Service - NaaS

Netzyn provides all the software required for customers to deliver their solutions using a serverless on-demand business model

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Some of our Partners

Working with Industry Leaders to bring the best solutions

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